Changes to the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997

The proposed amendments will be of most interest to those:

  • involved in work within confined spaces;
  • who employ or train such people;
  • that represent them.

The HSE has produced a new definition emphasising that a confined space is both enclosed and has a specified risk. The new wording “Under these Regulations a ‘confined space’ must have both of the following defining features: it must be a space which is substantially (though not always entirely) enclosed; and one or more of the specified risks must be present or reasonably foreseeable” replaces “Under these Regulations a ‘confined space’ has two defining features. Firstly, it is a place which is substantially (though not always entirely) enclosed and, secondly, there will be a reasonably foreseeable risk of serious injury from hazardous substances or conditions within the space or nearby”.

If you require your staff to be trained in the hazards and control measures applicable to confined spaces please give us a call. For course information click here.