Fire Doors and Floor Coverings

We have recently audited a number of very nice hotels, they had all been refurbished and the most common issue that we noticed was that the bedroom and corridor fire doors were in the main catching on the new carpets.

This of course prevented them from closing properly and in some cases not closing at all!

It is a requirement that all escape routes from sleeping areas are protected by 30 minute fire resistant construction, this includes having effective fire doors to the correct standard.

Please ensure that should you lay new carpets that they do not cause the fire doors to become ineffective.

A simple thing such as an ineffective door may allow toxic smoke and fire gases to spread quickly and compromise an escape route.

Fires these days develop up to eight times faster than fifty years ago due to the modern materials that we all use, many of these are manufactured from petroleum based products and so burn like petrol when exposed to heat.

Something else that you should consider is the access hatches to any voids that may open into the escape routes, these hatches should also be constructed to the same standard of fire resistance.