Electrical appliance and battery safety

The London Fire Brigade have issued a warning about the use of e bikes and scooters and their associated batteries. Many fires have been recorded as having been caused by these devices.

Be careful where you charge these bikes and scooters as if they malfunction the resulting fire can be very serious and potentially life threatening.

Fridge freezers have also been highlighted as being a very potent fire hazard if a fault occurs, be sure to clean the rear of the freezer on a regular basis and do not position it in a place that may compromise your means of escape should it catch fire.

The continuing risk that LIPO batteries present should not be forgotten, treat them with care, do not let them get damp or overcharge them by using the wrong charger. Consider where you charge any LIPO battery and this means your phone as if it should go wrong then a small fire involving the battery can soon become a developing fire if it is close to an item that will burn easily.
I recently received photographs of a fire that started in a kitchen draw because loose batteries had come into contact with a conductor that caused a short circuit resulting in a fire within the draw.