Fire Safety Act 2021

The Fire Safety Act 2021 (FSA), which is now law in England and Wales, is essentially an update and clarification of the  Fire Safety Order 2005. The primary role of the act is to bring fire regulations and standards up to date, taking account of the lessons learnt from the tragic Grenfell fire. Though the act only consists of three primary parts, it has major implications for responsible persons.
So if you are the person responsible for any residential building, you could be held personally liable for any future failures. The Fire safety Act originates from issues with fire safety issues in high-rise structures, but it also applies to any building containing two or more domestic properties, with new or amended rules that apply to the building’s structure, external walls, and any common parts, including the front doors to each flat. Importantly, the act clarifies those references to external walls in the Fire Safety Order order to include ‘doors or windows in those walls’ and ‘anything attached to the exterior of those walls (including balconies)’.